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Starting September 4, Klitsa Tutoring returns to its regular hours. Klitsa Tutoring tutors have the 
credentials, skills, experience, and patience to ensure learner comfort and ease. They strive to 
empower their learners with the tools and knowledge necessary for academic success. Klitsa 
Tutoring offers tailored tutorial sessions in subjects for students in all grades from elementary to 
high school. 
We've just completed the first of our sessions with young learners from Korea, who are living with host families in Port Alberni while they go to school.  As you may have read in the local press, Klitsa Tutoring has been providing these learners with additional tutoring in English as a Second Language after school.  Some of them have transitioned from individual tutoring into a small group session.  We're happy to report that both options are working well, thanks to our wonderful tutors, who are qualified to meet a wide range of needs, including  one-on-one or group learning, ESL, tutoring in French for immersion students, special needs, and more. 
We're well into our first academic year, and things are getting busier all the time.   Parents and learners alike are already giving us great feedback on our service.  We owe it all to our talented group of highly-skilled and qualified tutors!
In addition to the individual tutoring that we offer, we've started to work with small groups of 3-4.  This works really well for some learners, who prefer to work with friends who are in the same grade and struggling with the same subject.  It's a great way to get ready for tests, too.  Keep it in mind, and if you'd like to invite some friends and try our service, just give us a call at 778-421-0031.
Klitsa Tutoring has become the focus of a marketing project by a talented group of students from the Sauder School of Business at UBC.  They paid a visit to the Alberni Valley to talk with us -- here's the story in the AV Times:
Klitsa Tutoring will be hosting an open house on October 19th, 2011 from 4pm to 7pm. Drop in to see the facility, learn more about our services, meet the staff, win prizes, and enjoy free food. Everyone Welcomed.
Under certain conditions, you may be able to claim your child's tutoring fees under the Children's Arts Tax Credit -- see the Canada Revenue Agency webpage below for details:
Klitsa Tutoring in the news!  Here's an article by Kristi Dobson, Alberni Valley Times (Friday Sept. 9, 2011)



    Klitsa Tutoring was founded in the summer of 2011 out of a recognized need for its services in the Alberni Valley. Klitsa Tutoring will strive to keep you up-to-date via this page, highlighting events, dates, and milestones. Stay tuned. 


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